• 2022-2023 School Year
    Student Celebrations and Awards
    Our McNair vision and values focus on student success.  Therefore, we believe in celebrating successes throughout the year, both big and small. Here are some of our school-wide celebrations held throughout the year, as well as criteria for our end-of-year awards.
    Fall Award Assemblies

    These assemblies are held at the end of the fall semester, and recognize outstanding achievement in academics and citizenship.  The dates and times will be posted on the website, and parents are welcome to attend.  Teachers will notify parents if their child is receiving an award.  One ceremony is held for K-1, another for 2-3 and one for 4-5.

    • Academic & Citizenship winners: Each teacher chooses one student who has performed well (or shown much improvement) in an academic area, and one student who has shown exceptional citizenship skills.  Those students eat on the stage and receive a free ice cream.  They are recognized with a certificate at the spirit assemblies.
    • Golden SpatulaOne class in each grade level who has shown the best behavior and table manners at lunch will receive the "Golden Spatula"
    • "Above and Beyond"Our Counselors, Ms. Rushing and Ms. Cardwell, recognizes students for going above and beyond in a particular character trait.  They receive a pin and are recognized at the spirit assemblies, and also have lunch on stage and get a free ice cream. 

    2022-2023 End-of-Year Awards Ceremonies:

    Each grade level has their own end-of-year awards ceremony in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to attend, and teachers will inform parents if their child is receiving an award. Here are the awards given and the criteria:
    • Perfect Attendance: Students will receive a certificate if they have been here every day and have no more than 3 tardies (includes entering the classroom after 7:40 a.m.) AND no more than 3 LOSIT's (loss of instruction time) from leaving school early.  This is for all students.
    • Citizenship: Students will receive a certificate if they do not have any X's in Social/Work Habits on the report cards for grades 2-5, and no more than one X in grades K-1.
    • Book It: This is for first grade, based on the "book it" program they have used throughout the year.
    • President's Achievement/Excellence: Students will receive a pin and a certificate.  This is awarded to any student who has performed or achieved at an extraordinary level.  This is for all grade levels.
    • Special Areas Awards: PE, Music, and Art will give an award to one girl and boy from each grade level in each of these areas.