About Ronny W. Crownover


    Ronny W. Crownover, was a sixth generation Texas, born in Crane, Texas on April 13, 1945. After completing high school in Big Spring, Texas, Crownover attended the University of North Texas where he received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree. Thereafter, Crownover attended Texas A&M University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree and a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

    After completing his schooling, Dr. Crownover established himself in Denton County. In 1978, he founded the Lake Dallas Veterinary Clinic where he served as the owner and as a veterinarian among four other veterinarians and administrative staff.

    Dr. Crownover was a civic leader in his community for many years. He was past president of the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce and the Denton High School athletic booster club. As an active participant in youth activities, he served five years as the Denton County Youth Fair Horse Show Chairman and was a Denton County 4-H Club youth leader. He also served as a Director of Northstar Bank, was a founding member and former chairman of Denton County Ducks Unlimited and was a Councilman-at-Large for the Texas A&M Association of Former Students.

    An outstanding leader in his profession, Dr. Crownover was a member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. He served with distinction as past president of the Denton County Veterinary Medical Association and as past president of the North Texas Equine Practitioners Association.

    Representative Crownover was serving in his first term as a State Representative from District 6A. As a legislator, Dr. Crownover received numerous accolades for his accomplishments in office. He was a recipient of the Friends of the Taxpayer Award from the Citizens for a Sound Economy and the Freedom and Family Award by the Texas Eagle Forum. Dr. Crownover was also named to the Texas Ten by the Free Enterprise PAC as the second most conservative member of the Texas House. Dr. Crownover was a member of the House committees on Agriculture and Livestock and State Recreational Resources.

    Dr. Crownover was a devoted husband and father. He had been married to Myra Crownover for 30 years and is survived by four sons; Scott, Luke, John, and Dan. Ronny was an active member of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church.

    Dr. Crownover died of complications due to leukemia at the age of 54.


    There are few people – a very few – who live so well that when they are gone, they are remembered not so much for the things they did as for the example of their lives.

    State Representative Ronny Crownover, who died yesterday, was such a person.
    We know that Dr. Crownover had enjoyed his successful first years in the state legislature working to protect the quality of life and further the interests of his constituents.

    We know that he had worked hard to develop a large practice and that he was a trusted and respected veterinarian.

    But those aren’t the achievements we think of today when we remember Dr. Crownover.

    We think instead of his essential goodness. Describing him is difficult without making him sound like a Boy Scout, because his character was distinguished by strong, simple virtues – honesty, diligence, fairness, trustworthiness and respect for others.

    We also think of his rare talent for putting people at ease. This was due partly, of course, to his terrific sense of humor and unfailing geniality. But it also had a lot to do with his genuine interest in people and their concerns.

    Dr. Crownover generously shared his gifts of character with his family, his colleagues, his friends and his community.

    His presence was a gift to us that will be sorely missed.