Our School's Core Beliefs

  • Hawk Elementary
    Welcome! We're so glad that you are taking the time to learn more about Hawk Elementary. Hawk Elementary is a wonderful place for students, staff, parents and our community. At Hawk we believe that everything we do is to prepare our children for their future as well as ours. Our motto at Hawk is, "Learners Today…Leaders Tomorrow," because we know that we only have a few short years to influence those that will lead our communities one day. The teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and volunteers of this school seek to work together so that we can help each child reach their fullest potential.

    Hawk Elementary has many programs available to our students. We have student ambassadors and student council for our 4th and 5th graders. Our music teacher puts together a 5th grade choir and “ringers” group each semester. We serve students of all needs through many different programs such as EXPO, Dyslexia, Speech and Language Therapy, Reading Recovery, Literacy Groups, Play Therapy, and much more! Hawk Elementary was the first elementary campus in Denton ISD to provide services for special education students through inclusion. At Hawk we do not have a traditional resource classroom for students with specific learning disabilities, our Inclusion Specialists support identified students in the homeroom classroom.

    Nine years ago the staff at Hawk Elementary began the work of becoming a professional learning community. As a PLC we focus on helping every single student learn the curriculum that we know to be crucial for their success in the years to come. It is our mission to support the needs of each student and we plan to focus our time and energy on accomplishing this for all children. As a school community we have agreed upon our mission, established a vision of what we want for our school, and committed to enabling this vision to become a reality.

    Our Mission

    To create successful learners.

    Our Vision

    We believe to accomplish our mission as a staff we will become a school that:
    • Works collaboratively to ensure the emotional, social, and academic success of our children
    • Is innovative and uses technology to prepare our children for the world in which they live
    • Has fun!
    • Is willing to constantly engage in professional conversations
    • Discusses our curriculum in vertical teams
    • Demonstrates a personal commitment to the safety of students and staff 
    • Celebrates the successes of our students and teachers
    • Is willing to reflect and adapt our instructional practices based on our continued learning

    Our Commitments

    In order to achieve our vision we have made the following commitments:
    • We will maintain a positive attitude.
    • We will publicly support our children, staff, and school.
    • We will provide a school environment that promotes learning. social responsibility, safety, and critical thinking.
    • We will model, mentor, teach, and support one another in our professional development.
    • We will engage in professional, open, and honest communication that is built on a foundation of trust.
    • We will implement our pyramid of intervention that will promote student success.
    • We will constantly seek to grow and develop as professionals.
    • We will evaluate each assessment for mastery with a rubric agreed upon by the grade level team that corresponds with the grade level standards based report card.
    • We will model risk taking to promote a growth minds
    It is my hope that by visiting our website you have had the opportunity to learn more about our campus and our philosophy about our role in education. I welcome each of you to visit our campus in person if you would like more information. Hawk Elementary is a wonderful place that believes the education of our children is our highest priority.