• Hawk Student Council


    Our student council is made up of two representatives from each fourth and fifth grade homeroom.  The student council sponsors are Laura Boswell, Alicia Reimers, and Lacey Wells. 
    Our student council does many things throughout the year.  They help change the message on our front marquee.  Some of them are presenters for the Maverick Morning News, and others gather people needed for that day's newscast.  
    The Hawk student council decides on the character days for the year.  They set the dates for each day, create a slogan for the day, and advertise it through posters and announcements.
    Our council also organizes community service projects for our school.  The students decide on a need to address, create the project, write letters and handouts to advertise it, and supervise the whole thing.  Some of our previous years' projects have included raising money for the Red Cross, collecting toys and books for Cook's Children's Hospital, and helping out at a local food pantry.
    This past year, our students went to Brookdale Assisted Living as one of their service projects.  The students spent time visiting the residents of the center.  They did a wonderful job and got many compliments!
Last Modified on August 30, 2017