• EXPO Referral Process and Referral Forms


    Identification of students is conducted, not to label students as gifted, but rather to locate students who have specific needs which can be more effectively met through differentiated instruction in the EXPO program.  Students may only be referred once during a 12 month period.

    Nominations may come from faculty, parents, community members or self-nomination.  Persons nominating students must complete a general referral form (click for English) referral form(click for Spanish), and submit it to the school office or the campus EXPO specialist.  This will begin the process of data collection from various sources regarding the child"s ability and potential.  After the referral is received at the campus, a packet of information will be sent to the parent.

    The identification and selection of students for participation in the program is determined by a three-step process:

    1. referral/nomination

    2. assessment

    3. selection

    The final placement decision is made by the District G/T Selection Committee. 

    Testing will be available twice each year for middle school students, once in the fall and once in the spring. 
    TRANSFER G/T STUDENTS [Those that are NEW to the Denton ISD District AND were previously TESTED AND SERVICED BY G/T SERVICES IN THEIR PREVIOUS DISTRICT] will need to be re-tested. Testing for this category of student is TBD for 2021-2022.  When registering, notify the counselor that your child was previously served in another district so that paper work can be obtained from the former district.
    Important dates:
    (September TBD) (Transfer Testing) Testing will be on Navo's campus during the school day.
    (TBD) - EXPO Community Informational Meeting at the Professional Development Center or PDC  (....for parents interested in having their child tested for EXPO.)  Address: 1212 Bolivar St., Denton, Tx. 76201
    (September 27th - October 8th)  - Middle School EXPO Fall Referral Period
    (October 13th - November 19th) -  Middle School Fall Testing window (Testing completed on campus,Navo MS, during regular school day)
    (TBD) - Middle School Spring Referral Period
    (TBD)  - Middle School Spring Testing Window (Testing completed on campus,Navo MS, during regular school day)


Last Modified on August 12, 2021