• Below entails plans for the 2016-17 School Year 
    (all events subject to change)
    • For the 16-17 year we will be the  corresponding secretary l for the District 3 Texas Association of Student Councils.

    • We will also work with the counselors on the monthly programs as needed.

    • Will continue work on a handbook for new Navo students made by Navo students.

    • Participate in fall festivals at feeder elementary schools

    • Continue mentor program with Paloma Creek

    • After more research may participate in fuelupplay60


    • Registration

    • Cub camp


    • 6th grade Back to School Dance

    • Jeans week –

    • September 11th announcements

    • Back the Blue Day - encourage students to wear blue, announcements about Police lost in the line of duty

    • Hispanic Heritage Month


    • Red Ribbon Week (October 26-30th)

    • Bully Signs

    • Energy Announcements

    • Cards for Veterans – send to VFW

    • Halloween for Hunger

    • Jeans week for donation to food pantry (12th- 16th)

    • Canned food drive - poverty awareness

    • Speak with Science to see if anyone has a skeleton we can borrow to put up the message “this person should have been safer behind the wheel)

    • Oct. 30 - Energy Awareness Day - lights off in rooms when possible all day - teachers or front office who have windows can keep lights off for at least one class period.


    • 7th/8th grade dance

    • Eat this not that - alternatives to unhealthy foods

    • Teens in the Driver Seat Announcements - promote safe passengers -

    • Say No to Tobacco Information

    • Jeans week before Thanksgiving break to raise money for Adopt a Navo Student (Nov16-20th) - the money raised from this jeans week is put ion Walmart gift cards and then given to students, they are identified by the staff and the counseling department)

    • Officer Conference  San Marcos

    • Gently Used Clothing Drive

    • Seatbelt Safety

    • Small bags of candy corn for the teachers saying “thanks for being a safe driver”


    • Digital footprint

    • PJ Day for  Make  a Wish

    • Wash Hands signs in bathrooms

    • Energy Announcements

    • Janitor Appreciation

    • Adopt a Navo Student

    • Day of Silence

    • Box of mints in office, and sign that says be a breath saver and make sure everyone in the car buckles up

    • Stress balls for teachers

    • Jeans week - TBD


    • Teens in the Driver Seat Announcements

    • Jeans week - Leukemia Society (Jan. 18-22nd)

    • Start new habits be an aware passenger

    • Sky ranch


    • Love and Respect Announcements – with counselors

    • Pennies for Pasta (this benefits the Leukemia Society, homerooms compete against each other, the homeroom that raises the most money is given Olive Garden by the Leukemia Society)

    • PJ Collection – PJ Day (students pay $1 to wear PJs, they money is used to purchase PJs for terminally and chronically ill children in a local hospital, Sweet Dreams for Kids is the charity)

    • 7/8 day dance

    • Passenger Safety Announcements

    • Jeans week –

    • Jokes to relieve stress

    • Black history month


    • Relay for Life

    • Cancer Facts

    • Jeans week for American Cancer Society (7-11)

    • Energy Announcements

    • Earth Day

    • Bulletin board with 5 risk factors to distracted driving

    • Yuda Bands – sale allows us to put a child in a 3rd world country through a year of school

    • Great American Cleanup - we will clean up inside and outside the school

    • Woman’s history month


    • Obesity

    • Jeans week for PJ for Patients (11-15)

    • March of Dimes Walk

    • KISS wasted energy goodbye

    • Mix It Up Day

    • Earth Day - April 22nd - wear green and blue - announcements for ways to save the earth.  Maybe door decorating contest among the homerooms.  Work with science to see if they can integrate any lessons that day


    • STAAR encouragement signs

    • Nurse Appreciation

    • Smile Week – celebrate end of testing and great school year, free treats and music at lunch (dependent upon behavior at the time)

    • Teacher Appreciation

    • Police Officer Appreciation

    • Tire Tread (check tire tread with Pennies and leave notes letting staff know if their vehicles are safe)

    • Administrative Assistant's Day

    • Student Council members wear PJ day with signs drawing attention to drowsy driving.

    • Jeans week

    • Eat this not that