• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


    Please note these big changes:


    • Our parking lot will not be available for parents to park in and walk their child to the building.
    • Parents who are walking with their children from home are asked to stop prior to getting to the building. This will reduce the number of people present during arrival time. We will have staff outside to help students find their way.
    • Bikers are to walk their bike when they get to the front of the school and then place it in the bike rack in the back.
    • Children will not be able to enter the building prior to 7:30 (except for bus riders and daycares). There is no need to get here too early.
    • If your child has an afternoon appointment, please pick up your child by 2:20.
    • If you need to pick up your child during the school day, please contact the school and we will have your child ready at that time. Please pull in front of our school, stay in your car, call our office, and we will bring your child out. Please have your driver's license with you. Our number is 940-369-0700.



    Bus and Daycare ~ 7:25

    Pre-K ~ 7:30 at Cafeteria Door

    Kinder and 1st ~ 7:30 (enter through the end door of the K/1 hallway)

    2nd and 3rd ~ 7:35 (enter through the front porch)

    4th and 5th ~ 7:40 (enter through the end door of the 4th/5th hallway by the Gaga pit)

    **If you have more than one child, please follow the younger student' arrival time.


    We have made the following adjustments to our Arrival procedures only on Stormy Weather Days (rain is torrential and/or lightening is present):


    • KORT students will assist inside the building and at hallway doors.
    • Staff will not be outside in lightening to open car doors.
    • Please come through the drive as usual.
    • Whichever door is closest to wear you have pulled up is the door your child will enter, regardless if it is their usual path to their classroom. Our goal is to get all children into the building quickly.
    • Please drive slowly through the driveway as roads are slick and we will have more traffic.




    Bike Riders ~ 2:45

    Bus and Daycare ~ 2:50

    Walkers ~ 2:55 (staff will walk students through the crosswalk on Stacee Lane and students will walk on their own from there; kindergarten parents meet their child at this crosswalk)

    ESD ~ 2:55

    Pre-K ~ 3:00 (on front porch)

    Parent Pick-up ~ 3:05 (in back of the school by the cafeteria; stay in your car)