• CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
    What is CHAMPS:
    ¢A set of decisions the teacher must make in order to structure for TODAY’S STUDENTS
    ¢A decision-making template
    ¢A process
    ¢An acronym
    ¢A common language among staff
    What CHAMPS is NOT:
    ¢Quick fixes or miracle cures
    ¢Effective discipline and classroom management are lifelong learning tasks
    Why CHAMPS??
    ¢Responsive: to teachers and parents
    ¢Proactive Measure
    CHAMPS at Cross Oaks:
    ¢Guidelines for Success
    ¢School Wide Attention Signal
    ¢Voice Levels
    ¢“CHAMPING” common areas: Hall, Bathroom, Cafeteria, Arrival/Dismissal, Recess
    ¢Behavior Hierarchy
     Guidelines for Success:
    ¢Guidelines for Success are 3-5 brief statements or phrases that describe skills, traits, and attitudes that students need to be successful in school - and in life
    ¢3 R’s – Cross Oaks Owls Do what’s Right, Respectful, and Responsible
    Use an Attention Signal:
    ¢Identify and use consistently, an attention signal that has the following components
    Our Signal!
    Voice Levels: 
    ¢0 - Silent
    ¢1 – One person can hear you
    ¢2 – Small Group
    ¢3 - Classroom
    ¢4 - Outside
    What is "CHAMPing"??