Tardy/Discipline Protocol for Navo Middle School

    During the 9-week grading period…

    • After three tardies to any class, the student will receive a teacher detention.
    • After the fourth tardy, the teacher will email the appropriate administrator.
    • After five tardies, the teacher will write an office referral.
    • Chronic tardies may result in an additional disciplinary action.
    • Impromptu TARDY SWEEPS may occur at any time during the school day.
    • Tardies start over every 9 weeks

    (Lesser Offenses – ex. Disruptive behavior, horseplay, noncompliance, inappropriate language, disrespect, etc.)

    1st Infraction - Documented Verbal Warning by Teacher

    2nd Infraction - Documented Parent Contact by Teacher; Teacher determined consequence

    3rd Infraction - Documented Parent Contact by Teacher; Teacher determined consequence; SAC counselor referral

    4th Infraction - Documented Parent Contact by Teacher; Referral to AP


    Severe Infraction-Immediate referral to assistant principal

    Examples for Severity

    Fighting/Mutual Combat

    Cursing at or Threatening the teacher

    Overt Defiance

    Theft/Destruction of Property

    Violations of a Sexual Nature


    Inconsolable or not able to control emotions

Last Modified on August 12, 2021