PE Class Procedures and Guidelines

  • Class Procedures and Guidelines

    McMath Physical Education Department

    Supplies Needed:

    1. T-shirt or sweatshirt (depending on temperature), preferably gray
    2. Shorts (dress code appropriate), sweatpants, or windpants preferably navy
    3. Tennis shoes (laced up)

    Dress Code:

               All students will dress out for Physical Education class.  They must also have their name on their clothing, and long hair in a ponytail.  No jewelry, including watches and earrings.


    Students will be assigned lockers and a combination lock.  Coaches are not responsible for items left out or in an unlocked locker.  Students may not switch lockers or share lockers once assigned.  

    Grading System:

    Students will earn 100 points per week.  This will be given for dressing out (25 points) and participation in all activities (75 points).  No partial point are given, for example, no tennis shoes is not dressed out even if shorts and t-shirt are worn.

    Excused Notes:

    Students may be excused from activities in Physical Education for illness or injury.  A parent note will be good for two days, on the third day a doctor’s note will be required.  If a student cannot participate for a week or more, he/she will be given an alternate assignment, to be determined by the coach, for the duration of the illness or injury.  Asthma should be reported in the nurse’s office as a medical condition with documentation from a doctor.

    Student Expectations:

    1.  Respect Yourself
    •  For safety purposes, wear appropriate work out clothes and shoes.  Also, NO JEWELRY OR WATCHES.
    •  Do not assume that you can’t do something, participate in all activities.
    •  No student is to be in the locker room at any time without an adult.
    1.  Respect Others
    •  Be on time and in your assigned position for role call.
    •  Follow directions
    •  For safety purposes and time management,  STOP any activity and hold equipment when you hear a whistle blow!!  Listen for further directions.
    •  No use of profanity or obscene gestures.
    1.  Respect equipment and facilities
    •  For safety purposes and time management, do not touch any equipment until instructed to do so
    • .No gum, candy, food or drinks in gyms or locker rooms.
    •  No cameras allowed in the locker rooms.

    Basic Schedule:

    Mon., Wed., Fri. will be activity days – games, sports, etc.

    Tues., Thurs., will be fitness/health days – cardio work, strength, and conditioning

                (schedule subject to change according to health curriculum requirements)


    We look forward to having you in class.



    Parents and students,


    Please sign and return this PAGE to your coach, the first week of school.

    We have read and understand the Physical Education guidelines.

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