• Gateway to Technology (Design III)
    Class Overview: Gateway to Technology (GTT) is a true STEM design class. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students in this class will use skills from all of the STEM disciplines to help design, create and solve various problems throughout the year. The focus of the first semester will be Design and Modeling where students will learning about different types of sketching and computer aided drafting (3D modeling). In the second semester, students will learn about Robotics and Automation with VEX hardware and the RobotC software. 
    Class Schedule
    (2 Weeks)
    • Complete Introductory Activities
    • Begin Foot Orthosis Instant Design Challenge
    Students will work on the following...
    • Design and build a prototype of a foot orthosis (2-3 days)
    • Test and Create a presentation for their orthosis (1 day)
    • Present their prototype and presentation to the class (1 day)
    • Review and take notes on the design process (1 day)