• Design III Design Cycls

    Description: Design III continues to allow IB students to explore the Design Cycle. The Design Cycle is a systematic approach to problem solving. Students in the Design III class will complete 3 major projects (as well as work on some specific skills) where they will create a solution for the challenge of each project. Below is a weekly breakdown of each project and approximately how long each section of the design challenge will take.

    1st Project: Foot Orthosis (for Children with Cerebral Palsy)

    Design Problem: Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological (or brain) condition that affects a baby’s muscular development and causes individuals to have difficulty with movement and coordination.  CP affects 2 to 3 babies per 1000 born in the US or around 9,000 per year. According to the CerebralPalsy.org website, there are currently 764,000 adults and children living with CP in the United States.


    Your challenge is to design a prototype of a foot orthosis for a child who struggles with uncontrolled foot extensions (or toe walking) due to Cerebral Palsy.




    8.21-8.25 Overview:
    • Complete Introductory Activities
    • Begin 1st Project: Foot Orthosis for Children with CP

    Students should complete the following parts of their Design Journal...

    • Explain and Justify the Need Section
    • Identify and Prioritize Research
    8.28-9.01 Overview:
    • Continue Working on Inquiry and Analysis section of the Design Cycle
    Students should complete the following parts of their Design Journal...
    • Identify and Prioritize Research (any unfinished questions)
    • Analyze Existing Products
    • Develop a Design Brief