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    Keep it to yourself! Just kidding--at The Raider Review, we love feedback, positive and negative. If you found a story ridiculous, incorrect or offensive, let us know. Conversely, if you appreciated a story, or it particularly moved you, feel free to email our adviser at sschreiner@dentonisd.org. Please include the issue of the paper and the article title in your subject line,
    and we will ensure that the appropriate staffer gets your email.
    If you know of something going on that involves Ryan students, or if you would like to apply to publish a story or artwork in the Review, stop by room 131 or email Ms. Schreiner. Our staffers are very diverse; however, we cannot possibly be aware of every event happening in school.
    If you felt that a story was missing from the paper, we ask you to forgive us. Please understand that, due to deadlines and time restrictions, not all events can be featured in the paper.
Last Modified on August 30, 2019