• The University Interscholastic League believes that most students enjoy the pursuit of excellence and seek opportunities to test themselves against their own accomplishments and those of their peers; that such opportunities are best provided through properly conducted and equitably administered competitive activities; and that the classroom is enriched by the flow of student energy into the more intensified arena of competition and back into the classroom.
    The academic contests of the League are offered for students who want an academic challenge.
    These activities are designed at the request of administrators and teachers to provide a format for students to apply the skills developed from the essential elements of the curriculum, to allow students to test their skills against students with similar motivation from other parts of the state, and to provide motivation for students to achieve academic excellence above and beyond classroom performance.
    Students who advance to the UIL State Meet in any of the academic contests may apply for Texas Interscholastic League Foundation scholarships.
    In addition to the general eligibility rules, the academic contestants need to be aware of several areas for which specific eligibility rules apply. Students should check with their academic coaches for further information.
    One of the goals of the academic program is to provide a variety of competitive activities for a large number of students. Up to 80 students may earn the privilege of representing their high school at the district meet.
    Contests for UIL:
    Ready Writing
    Literary Criticism
    Journalism  (Copy Editing, Headline, News, Editorial, Feature)
    Math (Calculator, Number Sense, Mathematics)
    Social Studies
    Current Events & Issues
    Poetry & Prose
    Computer Science
    Computer Applications (No longer offered after 2023)
Last Modified on September 14, 2022