• If you have an issue to report click here to report to a counselor.
    An email will be sent to a counselor who can contact you unless you choose to report anonymously.
    If you have been a victim or know of a friend who needs help, you can anonymously report it here or include your name if you'd like to be contacted by a counselor or administrator.  If you have a concern with a student or staff member regarding drugs or alcohol or any other concerns you can report it here as well.
    Some examples of bullying: hazing, threats, taunting, assault, demands for money, theft, name calling, ostracism, rumor spreading.  This includes in person and cyber-bullying both on and off campus.
    Some examples of self harm/violence: suicide or thoughts of suicide, cutting, burning or harming oneself, eating disorders, threats against an individual or a campus.
Last Modified on August 22, 2017