Jennifer Barns


      Librarian, Rivera Elementary

      (940) 369-3812  |  jbarns@dentonisd.org

     Input    •    Learner    •    Intellection    •    Achiever    •     Connectedness 
    I am excited about starting the new school year as the librarian at Rivera Elementary! This will be my 4th year as a librarian and  my 12th year in education. I graduated from UNT with my bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1998, and received my masters in Library Science from UNT in 2019. 
    I live in Denton with my kids Carrie and Kevin, a cat, two parrots, a bearded dragon, a school of fish, and a flock of chickens. Carrie is a sophomore at UNT, and Kevin has just started graduate school at TWU. I have another son, Andrew, who lives in Tennessee. When I am not at the library (Rivera's or one of the Denton Public Library branches), you can usually find me in my backyard with my chickens, gardening, or reading. 
    My Philosophy:

    I believe that knowledge is power, and that a librarian’s primary responsibility is to ensure that every student has access to knowledge, in the form of books, technology, and information.

    I believe that a librarian should foster a love of reading.  Reading is truly a window to the world, and it is fundamental to learning and personal growth.

    I believe that a librarian should promote learning through inquiry, providing opportunities to learn, experiment, and collaborate in a variety of ways.

    I believe that a librarian should teach ethical behavior in the use of information, that students should be taught how to find and use information of all kinds in a responsible and safe way.

    I believe that a librarian must provide and advocate for equitable access to information.  Librarians must enforce intellectual freedom: the freedom to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment.