Student Handbook
    2018 - 2019

    Davis School
    The Denton Independent School District Disciplinary Campus
     1125 Davis St.
    Denton, TX 76209
     (940) 369-4050
    Fax (940) 369-4966


    Statement of Purpose

    Davis School is a disciplinary alternative campus designed to serve students in grades K – 12 who, due to severe or repeated violations of the Denton Independent School District Code of Conduct, policies or reasons defined in Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, have been removed from their home campuses for a designated period of time.

    These students are withdrawn from their home campus and assigned to Davis School in order to maintain their academic progress and address individual behavior concerns.

    Davis School is a combined effort, from student and faculty to families and community.

    Students receive instruction in four core classes: English Language Arts & Reading, Math, History, and Science.


    Enrollment in the (DAEP) Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
                   ~Students are assigned to Davis School as outlined in the DISD Code of Conduct by their home campus administrators.
                   ~Once assigned, parents are instructed to attend a Davis School Orientation Meeting.
                                  ~These meetings are held each Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:20 am for enrollment and orientation to the
                                           school and its policies.
                                   ~Students are only allowed to enroll at the school through this meeting.  

                 No one may join the orientation after 7:20 am. Parents and students may attend orientation on the next available
                         Tuesday or Thursday at 7:20am.

                   ~Parents should notify the Davis School at 940.369.4050 when their child is going to be absent from school that day.
                   ~When a student is absent from school, the reason for that absence must be provided in writing within 72 hours
                         (3 school days) to the school in order to make appropriate documentation. A hand written note or email from the
                         parent to the campus attendance secretary will be accepted. Phone calls will not be accepted as documentation.
                         A phone call from the school verifying the parent note may occur in some instances.
                   ~Davis School will send automated phone calls to the guardian when students are marked absent from school.
                         Please notify Davis should you not receive these phone calls.

                 Absences from Davis may lengthen the DAEP placement. 

    Behavior: Davis School follows the DISD Code of Conduct and special provisions listed in the Davis  School campus handbook. 

    • Bonus Days
         ~Students may earn days off their Davis placement for appropriate behavior and attendance.  (Details will be given during
                  orientation on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    •  Material or Property Abuse
         ~Students are responsible for all Denton ISD property and materials used at school. Abuse, misuse, damage or loss
                  will be charged to the student at the replacement value of the item.
    • Police Intervention
         ~Students who engage in serious behavior such as threats, assaults, fights, or serious disruptions may be reported
                  to the local police.
         ~Any illegal actions will be immediately reported to police.
    • Student Success (point) Sheet
         ~Student effort and behavior on campus will be evaluated using a point system, which allows the student to earn
                     points toward a privilege silver level.
         ~Points earned by each student will be marked each day by the staff. Points will be totaled each day and
                     counted toward silver only when the sheet is returned the next day and signed by the parent.
         ~The Student Success Sheet is the primary form of communication with the parent.
         ~This sheet reports what patterns of behavior the student had each day.
         ~Each of the three levels has assigned privileges or consequences.

                            Green - Students that have earned 70-100 points.
                            Silver -
                                     ~Students must earn 1000 green points to get to silver on the 1st Davis placement of the year.
                                     ~Students must earn 2000 green points to get to silver on the 2nd Davis placement of the year.
                                     ~Students must earn 3000 green points to get to silver on the 3rd Davis placement of the year.
                                     ~And so on…
                            Yellow - Students that have earned 69 points or less.
                                     ~Students on Yellow level lose all privileges for the day.
                                     ~Yellow points do not accumulate towards silver level.
                                      ~Excessive Yellow days may result in suspensions.

                            Suspensions from Davis may lengthen the DAEP placement.
                            Students will lose all accumulated points toward silver for any day of suspension.
                            Suspension notices will be brought home by the student.
                                        This is the primary method of notifying parents of a suspension.

    • Teaching Interaction and Removal from the Classroom
      ~The teacher will use every opportunity to interact with the student to encourage appropriate alternatives.
      ~This is to be a quiet, private interaction between the student and teacher.
      ~This interaction will end if it is counterproductive and/or disrupts the learning time or safety of anyone. 

     Breakfast and Lunch
            ~Breakfast and lunch will cost $21.75 per week for full price and $3.50 per week for reduced meals.
               ~All assisted lunch enrollment transfers from your home campus.
               ~Special nutritional needs forms are available from the main office.
               ~Davis School ask that students bring breakfast and lunch money to school only one time per week.
               ~Cafeteria accounts can be paid by cash, check, or online at https://www.schoolcafe.com/ under the Child Nutrition page.

               ~ Bullying is prohibited by the district and could include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands
                               for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name-calling, rumor-spreading, or ostracism.
                ~In some cases, bullying can occur through electronic methods, called “cyberbullying.”
                ~Bullying that occurs off campus, including cyber bullying, is best addressed by parents. However, in statutorily limited
                               circumstances when the principal or designee determines that the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the
                               school’s educational program, school disciplinary consequences may be applied.
                ~If a student believes that he or she has experienced bullying or has witnessed bullying of another student, it is important
                               for the student or parent to notify a teacher, school counselor, principal, or another district employee as soon as
                               possible to obtain assistance and intervention.
                ~All staff are trained to respond to students’ needs quickly and anonymously.
                ~The administration will investigate any allegations of bullying or other related misconduct.
                ~If the results of an investigation indicate that bullying has occurred, the administration will take appropriate disciplinary
                ~Disciplinary or other action may be taken even if the conduct did not rise to the level of bullying.
                ~The district will also contact the parents of the victim and of the student who was found to have engaged in the bullying.
                ~Available counseling options will be provided to these individuals, as well as to any students who have been identified as
                               witnesses to the bullying.
                ~Students are under constant supervision at the Davis School.
                ~Please report any form of bullying to Davis School @ (940) 369-4050.
                ~Please refer to the Denton ISD Student Code of Conduct for additional information.

    Dress Code
                   ~All students at Davis School are held responsible to follow the Davis School dress code.
                   ~Administration has final say of the dress code 

      • Hair styles:
        • Hair must be clean, controlled, and kept close to the head.
        • Hair must be a natural color.
        • Cloth/elastic scrunchies & headbands must be black.
        • No hair clips, hair fasteners or bobbie pins are allowed.
        • Any extension, weave, wig or hair attachment may have to be removed.
        • Do not change your hairstyle after one has been approved.
      • Students will wear only white shirts free of logos, decoration, pictures or writing.
        • Shirts may be short or long sleeved, crew neck, button down, or tee (no v-necks).
        • Shirts will cover the entire torso and crown of the shoulder.
        • Shirts will be tucked so that the waistband is revealed at all times.
        • A fleece pullover sweatshirt, white or gray, may be worn for warmth over the white shirt. No hoodies, strings, or zippers are allowed on the sweatshirt. 
      • Students will wear plain blue jeans (not acid washed, faded, or bleached) fitted at the waist without a belt.
        • Pants will be worn at the waist and fit properly (NO skin tight, sagging or dragging).
        • Pant cuffs may not touch the floor when shoes are off.
        • NO wide leg, skinny, or belled pants.
        • Pants will be free of decorations (NO stripes, pictures or large writing).
        • No gym shorts or leggings may be worn under the jeans. 
      • Students will wear white, black or gray socks (no other colors allowed)
      • Students will wear white, black or gray athletic shoes (no other colors allowed) 
      • Student's clothing will be neat with no stains, rips, tears, or holes in clothing.
      • Will not wear see-through or form fitting clothes.
      • Underwear of any type (male or female) may not be visible above, beside, or through the clothing.
      • Students may not have facial hair. Shaving is expected. No pointed sideburns.
      • Clear nail polish may be worn, but nails may not extend beyond the fingertip.
      • Students may not expose tattoos, hickeys, body markings, or intentional scarring.
      • Students may not wear make-up that is judged distracting or inappropriate.
      • Students may not wear jewelry (If jewelry is brought to school it will be confiscated).
      • Students may not wear any type of head covering in the building or on buses.
      • Bandanas and “rags” will not be permitted on school property.
      • Any jacket or hoodie worn on the school bus to school will be removed upon entering the building. Any shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, or coats worn to and from school must avoid any gang representation.
      • Students at Davis School will clear through a metal detector every morning.
      • Purses and backpacks are not allowed at school.
      • Do not bring cell phones, computers or any data device to Davis School 
      • Confiscated items may be picked up in the office by a parent during normal business hours (7:15 – 3:15)
      • Davis School is not responsible for any loss or stolen items brought to school.
      • No extra items clothing items are permitted on the bus or at school.

    Grades, Make- Up Work, Tests / Projects
                   ~The purpose of the grading system (including progress reports and report cards) is to provide accurate and timely
                               information regarding students’mastery of course standards so that students may continuously improve their
                               academic performance and their understanding of course content.
                   ~All grades will reflect relative mastery of an assignment per Denton ISD grading procedures and per TEC 28.0216.
                               The goal is to accurately report grades representing what a student knows, understands, and can do.
                   ~Parents are encouraged to access to their student’s grades and attendance 24/7 via the Home Access Center available
                               at www.dentonisd.org  on the parent page. Parents are also encouraged to request email notifications through the
                               Home Access Center to inform them when their students do not complete an assignment on time or when the
                               grade earned does not meet the minimum passing standard.                               
                   ~Students are responsible for make-up work. Students must check with each teacher for their make-up work after
                               returning from any absence or suspension. Missing and late work or tests require proof of new learning which may
                               extend beyond the school day. A student must show new learning prior to being reassessed.

                   ~Prescription medication must be delivered to school by a parent and turned over to the school nurse to administer as
                               per physician’s orders.                
                   ~Students may not transport medication to and from school.
                   ~No over-the-counter drugs are allowed at school.

                   ~Students will be issued the necessary textbooks to use at school. Textbooks will not be sent home.

                   ~Denton ISD provides transportation to and from Davis School.
                   ~Parents and Students will choose bus stops during orientation.
                   ~Transportation services will begin the afternoon on which you enroll.
                   ~All students must arrive to school via a Denton ISD bus each morning (with the exception of the morning of orientation).
                               ~Students may not attend class if they do not arrive on the bus.
                   ~Students are expected to be at their bus stop 10 minutes before the posted pick-up time.
                   ~Students must get on and off the bus at the designated bus stop.
                   ~Inappropriate conduct either at the bus stop or on the bus will result in immediate disciplinary consequences.
                            ~Students are expected to:
                                        Keep your feet on the ground and out of the aisle
                                        Stay seated in your assigned seat
                                        Keep your back against the back of the seat
                                        Keep your hands in your laps
                                        Face body and head forward so that the driver can see your eyes at all times
                                        No wearing hoodies on your head
                                        No talking
                                        Follow any directive given by the bus driver

                              Students that miss the bus or are suspended from the bus will not be able to come to school
                                     that day and will be marked absent or marked suspended from school that day.

                            Bus suspensions may lengthen the DAEP placement.

     Trespass Laws and Official Warning
                   ~Students that are on or within 300 feet of any Denton ISD property or attend any school-related function other than
                                  Davis School without written permission from both campus principals is a violation of the Criminal Trespass
                                  Laws of the State of Texas and thus subject to disciplinary action under Chapter 37 of the Texas Education
                                  Code and legal action under section 30.05 of the Texas Penal Code. 

    Safety and Security
                   ~Visitors arriving at Davis School must wait in the foyer to be admitted and will need to ring the bell for assistance.
                   ~No personal items may be brought to school to include, but not limited to, electronics, recorders, cell phones,
                                  or computers.
                   ~Students are required to empty pockets and may be scanned for metal.
                   ~Many school areas are under camera surveillance.
                   ~Nothing is to be brought to school that has not been specifically allowed.

     Signing out for the day at the Davis School
                   ~Students may be signed out by parents at any time.
                   ~Students may not return to Davis School during the same day after leaving for an appointment (with the exception
                                  of a court appearance).

     Withdraw to the Home Campus
                   ~All student behavior will be reviewed weekly by the staff to develop a time line for return to the home campus.
                   ~A withdrawal form will be given to the student to take to the home school registrar for enrollment at the home
                                     campus on the next school day.

                               Absences, Poor Behavior, and/or Suspensions from Davis may lengthen the DAEP placement. 

    Davis School Staff Contact Information:


    Ronnie Watkins


    Secretary / Registrar

    Mitzi Burleson


    Office Clerk / Attendance
     Ana Martinez   


    Bobbie Roberts


    AP / Special Education

    Jason Steward


    Elementary Teacher

    Ulinda Yeahquo


    Middle School ELA Teacher

    Stacy Archer


    Middle School SS Teacher

    Anna Braudrick


    Middle School Math Teacher

    Larry Greaves


    Middle School Science Teacher

    Randy Spain


    High School Math Teacher

    Ronnie Havens


    High School SS Teacher

    David Huey


    High School Science Teacher

    David Garza


    High School ELA Teacher

    John Holt


    High School Electives Teacher

    Channelle McKoy


    Head Custodian

    Pablo Aguirre


    Cafeteria Manager

    Rosa Buenrostro