• Lester Davis
    We think that we are honoring this school by affixing Lester Davis' name to it rather than the other way around - many civic minded people have donated land on which to build schools, but Mr. Davis had his own house moved from this property that a school might be built here. Such was his devotion to the young of Denton and his respect for education.  We think his generosity was unique in his own time and his own locale, and also all too rare at all times and throughout history.
    Lester Davis instilled in all his own children the value of getting a good, full education.  When he moved his growing family to Denton, Texas in 1924, there were no public schools in their area, which was to the east of the courthouse.  All children who lived in this area had to risk crossing the railroad tracks twice a day. That was a frightening and many times a dangerous thing, especially for young children.
    Not long after settling in Denton, Mr. Davis began asking the School Board to build a school in that area to serve the town's growing population.  When his children were grown and there was no school east of the courthouse, Mr. Davis remained concerned about the young children, so he gave the School District his own good land on which his two-story house was built.  He had the house jacked up and moved across the street thus providing an ideal site for this school  In 1950 the new Elementary School, east of the courthouse opened its doors, with the name, Jeff Davis School.
    Mr. and Mrs. Lester Davis and their nine children were extremely pleased about the new school.  Eventually the school needed repairs and it was remodeled to accommodate children needing an alternative education.  It was repaired, remodeled, and renamed - The Lester Davis School.  Now, 50 years later, his family is honored and is proud of the legacy he has left to the Denton school children.  Mr. Davis's persistent vision is now fulfilled.