• The Raider Review
    The Raider Review is Ryan's student newspaper, run by students and advised by Mr. Ryan Feuerhelm.
    2014-15 editor: Emily McPherson
    Staff: Maddison Colson, Ashlyn Foss, Cooper Gentry, Staci Gentry, Boone Hess,
    Jasmine Homer, Karsyn Lemmons, Nicholas Pierce, Jabnia Serrano, Brion Shaw and Taitum Wilson
    Published during the year, the paper reflects the student body,
    from academic and sports successes to issues affecting high school students.
    The paper is distrubuted during A-3 class. 
    If you are at the ATC or do not receive a copy of the paper 
    stop by Room 131 to get a copy.
Last Modified on August 29, 2014