• To increase student safety during dismissal, teachers will take their students who ride cars to certain designated areas around the school. Teachers will be on duty from 2:50 to 3:00 for dismissal and parents are asked to wait for conferences until after 3:00 p.m. when the teacher will be done with their after school duties. Students who ride the bus, go to daycare or walk home, will be dismissed at the same time as other students. The car riders will then be escorted by homeroom teachers to their designated areas which are as follows:
    Kindergarten pick-up: Come to the circle drive on Emerson. Do not get out of the car.Woodrow Wilson staff will put your child in the car as you pull up. Please be sure to display your lime green pick-up tag.
    First Grade: car riders will go the following pick-up locations: Schenck, Aloyo, Scott: fence by 1st gr. playground on Hanover; Gramling, Reiman: fence by 1st gr. playground on Emerson
    Second Grade: These are the procedures for children who are picked up after school by car: Parents will not need to come in the building to pick up their child. Students riding by car will be led out to Hanover Street next to the east playground fence at 2:50 and will be picked up by their parent or carpool at this spot.
    Third Grade:  Pick up your child at the front of the school (Windsor side). No need to get out of your car. The teachers will load your child for you. Please form one line.
    Fourth Grade: Pick up your child at the north sidewalk playground exit on Windsor before you reach the school parking lot. The teachers will load your child for you. Cars should form a single line on the side of the street. Students will not be loaded into cars in the middle of the street. Teachers will help students cross at the crosswalk should you have to park across the street.
    Fifth grade students who are car riders will be picked up under the tree at the front of the school on Windsor.
    Please be sure your car tag information is visible. Picking up your child on time is important. If a student is not picked up by 3:00, they will be taken inside and the parents must come in for the student.
    Crosswalk personnel and additional school staff will be on duty. If you would like to pick up your child before dismissal, come early enough to sign out your student in the front office and receive an early dismissal pass. The teacher will not let you have the student without a pass.  All doors (except the entrance door) will be locked during the day for safety purposes. Under no circumstances will a child be pulled out of the class to wait in the office for you to pick up.  Keep in mind that even in emergencies, only the people listed in the Student Health Card will be allowed to pick up a student. No exceptions. Also, please be aware that both parents/legal guardians will have the right to pick up their children unless we have legal documents that inform us otherwise.  How do I pick my child up from ool?an't pick up my children by 3:00, where can they go?
    Wilson has a number of area daycares that pick up registered students at the back of the school each day. If your child is to be picked up at daycare or changes after-school care programs, please contact the teacher immediately in writing so we can insure that the children are picked up correctly.  In addition to the number of area daycares, DISD works in conjunction with the Extended Day Program to provide after school care on our campus. This program provides care for students in our gym from 2:50 until 6:00 each day. This program has limited enrollment so it is always best to contact them as soon as you think you may need this option. The DISD offices for the Extended School Day Program can be reached at 369-0080 If students attend this program, they should report to the gym immediately after school to check in right after the 2:50 bell.
    At Wilson, our priority during afternoon dismissal is the safety of our students and staff.
Last Modified on August 26, 2008