About Our School

  • About Wilson Elementary

    Woodrow Wilson Elementary was built in 1960 and was recently renovated in 2011. The school is named after former United States President Woodrow Wilson on the suggestion of Ms. Nette Schultz, who donated the land on which the school was built.

    Wilson Elementary is known for its welcoming atmosphere to all and its appreciation of diversity. The school is home to the district’s first dual-language program, which allows students to learn from their teachers and each other in English and Spanish. The program has created a strong bond within the Wilson community, opening up new communication avenues between families and staff.

    Students at Wilson have a number of opportunities to showcase their talents in and out of the classroom. There is a math club, science club, choir and orchestra. Parents, teachers and staff also stay connected through a variety of activities during the school year and even meet monthly through a Campus Leadership Team. All of these groups and activities lead to open communication at Wilson that has everyone on the same page.

    Established: 1960
    Mascot: Mustangs
    Colors: Green and White