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    Welcome to our Stephens Elementary Library website! We are thrilled to provide a space where our students can explore and discover the exciting world of reading. Our library is a place where imagination comes alive, and we believe that reading is an essential tool for learning and growth. Our website is designed to help students, families, and teachers access our resources, search our online catalog, and stay up-to-date on everything happening in our library. Come and join us on this adventure of reading and learning!

    Monday - Friday
    7:10 AM - 3:50 PM

    All students come to the library once per week for a read aloud/lesson + check-out. However, students are welcome any time throughout the week for check-in and check-out as needed. Kindergarten and 1st grade students self-select 1 book that stays at school as they learn how to care for library books. 2nd - 5th grade students self-select 2 books that they can take home with them. Students are responsible for the library books they check-out. It is expected that lost books or books damaged beyond repair are paid for. The library can accept cash or checks made out to Stephens Elementary.

    Book Care Guidelines for Library Books:

    • Only handle and read library books with clean hands.
    • Keep your library books in your backpack when you're not reading them.
    • Always keep library books out of reach of pets, toddlers, and food/drinks.
    • If a book needs to be repaired, please don't attempt to repair it yourself! Bring it to the library and leave it in our "book hospital" for us to repair.
    • Turn your library books in on time.

    Thank you for supporting our library!

    Questions or concerns? Contact your librarian!

    Ms. Harvey
    (940) 369 - 0812