• Emergency Procedures

    Each month, our entire campus participates in at least one safety drill.  Various drills are practiced to ensure that we are as prepared as possible should a real emergency occur.  The drills we routinely practice with the students are fire drills and tornado/weather drills.  In addition, we are required to have at least two lockdown drills and one off site evacuation drill per school year. 

    In the event that students of Stephens Elementary are involved in a true emergency situation, please cooperate by helping us with the following cooperation:

    1.      Please do not call the school.  Telephone lines will be needed for emergency communication.  Any large overload of services may result in the entire phone system shutting down, disabling phone contact with emergency personnel.  It is important for parents not to telephone the school, though this is likely in contradiction of your parental instincts. 

    2.      Please do not come to the school.  If the students are in lockdown or we are trying to evacuate to another location, students will not be released to parents.  We must ensure that students are completely out of danger before releasing them, and that means we are either cleared from being in lockdown or we have reached our relocation site, students have been accounted for and parents have been called for student dismissal. 

    3.      Always have contact information up-to-date.  Teachers, as well as the school nurse, will have their emergency contact sheets with them if/when we depart from the building.  Having the most current contact information on record will ensure you can be contacted regarding your child.

    We hope that we never have to experience a real emergency situation with our students, but knowing that have a plan and routinely practice various scenarios, helps us be better prepared.  We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.  Student safety is a top priority for us at Stephens Elementary.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at (940) 369-0800.

    Thank You,

    Emily Manning