• BMMS UIL 2020-2021


    Important Dates:

    Invitational Meet: TBD (usually held in January)

    District Meet: TBD (usually held in March)


    Middle School Academic Events

    • Calculator • Mathematics • Number Sense • Ready Writing • Science

    • Social Studies • Spelling  • Oral Reading • Chess

    • Maps, Charts & Graphs • Listening • Dictionary Skills



     What does UIL Academic Competition offer students?

    • Access to a variety of insights which promote the use of higher-order thinking skills

    • Enrichment of the learning environment

    • Motivation for learning and improvement of overall academic performance

    • The Texas Interscholastic League Foundation has given over $21 million since 1954.


    Coaches Contact Information

    Coach Event Email
    Jamie Austin UIL - Calculator


    John Sinor UIL - Chess
    Meghan Lenert UIL - Dictionary Skills Mlenert@dentonisd.org
    Meghan Lenert UIL - Listening Skills mlenert@dentonisd.org
    John Sinor UIL - Maps, Charts, & Graphs jsinor@dentonisd.org
    Jamie Austin UIL - Math jaustin3@dentonisd.org
    Jamie Austin  UIL - Number Sense jaustin3@dentonisd.org
    Wyatt Kaiser UIL - Oral Reading wkaiser@dentonisd.org
    Sandi Schon UIL - Ready Writing sschon@dentonisd.org
    Rebecca Sonmezler UIL - Science rsonmezler@dentonisd.org
    Katie Feather UIL - Social Studies kfeather@dentonisd.org 
    Sandi Schon UIL - Spelling sschon@dentonisd.org
    Meghan Lenert  UIL Coordinator mlenert@dentonisd.org