• Harpool Middle School Dress Code

     The Harpool dress code is established to teach hygiene, instill self-discipline, prevent disruptions, promote safety and provide a conducive  environment for learning. The responsibility for adhering to the dress code begins with the student and parents of the student. Enforcement of the code is the responsibility of the classroom teachers and administrators. The following guidelines have been determined by campus administration and are to assist students and parents in selecting appropriate attire.

     All students are to present a clean, well-groomed appearance at school and school activities. Discipline consequences may be taken for dress code infractions.  Corrections are expected to be made immediately. Multiple infractions will result in further disciplinary measures.

     The following are NOT acceptable:

    • Yoga pants/tights WITHOUT a fingertip-length shirt, skirts and shorts
    • HOLES IN JEANS or PANTS above fingertip length 
    • Midriff shirts  (unless an appropriate undergarment is worn)
    • Sheer/Lace shirts (unless an appropriate undergarment is worn)
    • Shirts open at the sides (excessively large armholes) 
    • String tank tops (unless covered with an appropriate top)
    • Short shorts or skirts – need to be finger-tip length all the way around
    • Saggy, baggy pants
    • Sunglasses in the building
    • Strapless dresses/blouses
    • Any clothing or accessories which can be used as a weapons
    • Any hats/caps/hoods
    • Garments containing offensive or obscene words or phrases, pictures, symbols or images
    • Garments which promote or advertise alcohol, tobacco, or other products prohibited at school
    • Non-clothing attire


    On each campus, the principal will have the final say as to the appropriateness of any dress code questions.


    Thank you for your support,