School Year 2016/2017
    Teacher: Herr Kline
    German Flag
    NEXT CLUB MEETING: twice per month (one Tuesday and one Wednesday) after school in Herr Kline's room 261. There will be a variety of activities including, games, preparation for events, movies, music and food nights.
    SPORTFEST AT Trinity High School November 11th: We hope to send a team from Ryan this year 
    Mav's Night MAVERICKS GAME January 25th: We are planning go again to a Mavericks game. We would meet at Trinity Mills train station and take the train down and back. 
    Winterfest: Regional academic Competition for German, qualifies for The State German contest. typically held beginning of February or end of January.
    Texas State German Contest: Academic competition held at the end of February.  
    T-SHIRTS: We will try to have a new T-shirt designed this school year.
    Schloss Neuschwanstein ist eines der beruehm-
    testen Schloesser in Deutschland. Gebaut zu Zeiten
    von Koenig Ludwig II., ist es heute ein beliebtes
    A. Merkel
    Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel
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