School Year 2019/2020
    Teacher: Herr Kline
    German Flag
    CLUB MEETINGS: twice per month (Wednesdays) after school in Herr Kline's room 261. There will be a variety of activities including, games, preparation for events, movies, music and food nights. 
    Meeting dates: 09/18/19, 10/02/19, 10/23/19, 11/06/19, 11/20/19, 12/04/19, 01/15/20, 01/29/20, 02/05/02/26/20, 03/04/20, 03/25/20, 04/08/20, 04/22/20, 05/06/20
    SPORTFEST: Conflicts with Homecoming this year. sports and games competition for regional German clubs.
    Mav's Night MAVERICKS GAME:  TBD We are planning go again to a Mavericks game. We would meet at Trinity Mills train station and take the train down and back. 
    Winterfest: 02/08/2020 Regional academic Competition for German, qualifies for The State German contest. typically held beginning of February or end of January. If you cannot make the meetings and want to participate, come see Herr Kline. He will help you prepare for it.
    Texas State German Contest: 02/29/2020 Academic competition held at the end of February.  
    T-SHIRTS: We will have a new T-shirt designed this school year.
    Schloss Neuschwanstein ist eines der beruehm-
    testen Schloesser in Deutschland. Gebaut zu Zeiten
    von Koenig Ludwig II., ist es heute ein beliebtes
    A. Merkel
    Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel
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