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  • About Adkins Elementary

    Adkins Elementary is the southernmost school in Denton Independent School District, primarily serving families in Lantana. The school is named after former longtime Denton ISD teacher and school board member Dorothy P. Adkins, who was instrumental in the desegregation of Denton schools in the 1960s, breaking down racial barriers in the community.

    The school’s staff aims to provide a community atmosphere for its students and families, just as its namesake did as a teacher. Before the school even opened, it hosted a joint family picnic with E.P. Rayzor Elementary for both schools’ families, an example of the close-knit environment fostered by Denton ISD’s three Lantana elementary schools, which also includes Blanton Elementary.

    Students at Adkins have numerous outlets to express themselves, including the school’s art club and orchestra. Above all, learning is emphasized at Adkins Elementary, with teachers providing a variety of ways for students to expand their knowledge with both traditional tools and the school’s cutting-edge technology.

    Established: 2014
    Mascot: Aviators
    Colors: Royal Blue and Lime Green
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