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  • About Lee Elementary

    Lee Elementary was one of the first three public elementary schools opened in Denton. The school was originally founded in 1912 and had the distinction of being home to the first female principal, Clara Skiles, in 1925. The school held several locations throughout the city and was reconstructed as an open-concept school in 1988 at its current location near Mack Park. It was rebuilt in 2005 and received another addition in 2012. The school is named after Robert E. Lee, who served his last post for the US Army in Texas before becoming a legendary general for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

    Known for its diversity and multiculturalism, Lee students and staff reflect a cohesion that happens when different groups work together for the same common goal. Community partners often help with events and programs at the school, while students and staff return the favor with service projects that better the neighborhood and its families.

    Strong academics are a constant at the school, with Lee students taking part in math contests, reading programs and science nights to enhance classroom instruction. Participation in student council, student announcements and special physical fitness programs also helps Lee students develop leadership and organizational skills.

    Students at Lee have a number of opportunities to showcase their talents in and out of the classroom. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to connect with others through our robotics club, track team, choir and orchestra along with our "Balet Folklorico" dance team.  Students are also recognized by administration and community leaders for their good citizenship, showing that the school takes its motto “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” to heart.

    Established: 1988 (original campus opened in 1912)
    Mascot: Panthers
    Colors: Maroon and Gray