BALLOON Birthday BooksBALLOON

    A great way to honor your child on their birthday and support the PC library is to sponsor a book in your child's name!

    For $10.00, you may purchase a book reflecting your child's interest from the Pecan Creek Birthday Book Club shelf in the library. We'll take a picture of your child, insert it into a bookplate, and mount the bookplate in the front cover of the book. The book will be checked out to your child for a week, and then it will become part of our regular library collection for years to come.

    You may bring your child to the library a few days before his or her birthday to select a "birthday book" and we'll have the book all ready for them to check out on their birthday. Or, you may bring your child to the library on the day of their birthday to choose their book. If your child has a summer birthday, consider coming to the library to choose a book on their "half birthday" or any other time during the year. As you can see, there are several ways to accomplish the same goal!

    Watch our library grow as your kids grow!

    ~See Mrs. Hamilton or Mrs. Watson for more details~