Scholastic Reading Counts! is a computer program designed to promote reading, improve test scores, and develop language arts skills. Students may choose from a wide variety of books in our library (look for the books with the blue labels on the spines of the books to indicate that the book is a RC! book); after they've finished reading an RC! book, they may take a computerized quiz that will test their comprehension--if they pass the quiz, they will be awarded points which may be redeemed at the Reading Counts! Store sponsored by our PTA. Quizzes are available on many books in the Pecan Creek Library, the Denton Public Library, and books you may have at home. The quizzes themselves may be taken in your child's classroom or in the library.

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    * Please remember and help your child understand that the most important thing about reading is not the accumulation of points. Our goal is to help children develop a lifelong enjoyment of books and learning!