• We are so proud of all 27 students who campaigned for an office in PC's Student Council! Everyone did an outstanding job on their speeches. We hope this experience teaches you about hard work, perseverance and never giving up!! Congratulations to all of you!

    PC Student Council 207-2018
    Ryland Burns
    Ana Sofia Davis
    Blake Hartman
    Kailyn Head
    Lily Huber
    Alexis Hunter
    Lauren Kashka
    Hartli Keese
    Diego Medina
    Sean Moraska
    Willem Nordhus
    Sammy Phelps
    Bailey Sevier

    Angel Aguilar
    Julissa Amaya
    Enovy Borja
    Luke Campbell
    Olivia Chamizo
    Bodhi Dale
    Victoria Grider
    Ashlie Harrera
    Leo Herrera
    Brady Jackson
    Alejandra Jimenez
    Archie Leonard
    Ava Miller
    Brit Pace