• General Orientation Information

  • Mandatory Student Orientation/Guardian Involvement


    **Student and guardian are advised to arrive no later than 8:00 AM at 1125 Davis St, Denton TX**


    Students accompanied by parent or guardian may enroll in the DAEP on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 8:20 am.


    No one may be enrolled without attending this hour and a half session.


    No one will be admitted after the session has begun.
    Student + 2 people maximum may attend. One attendee must be a guardian (ID check will be conducted to confirm guardianship).


    Orientation Expectations:

    Students MUST be in Davis Dress Code (students may not be allowed to stay at school on the 1st day if they are out of dress code).
    Students will ride the Davis School bus to their assigned bus stop at the end of the school day (bus stops will be assigned during orientation).
    Students should bring enough money for breakfast and lunch for the week.
    ORIENTATION WILL LAST APPROXIMATELY AN HOUR AND A HALF. Please plan accordingly! Each new student and parent/guardian ARE REQUIRED to attend a complete session of orientation.

    DAEP Daily Expectations

    All students will follow the Davis Dress Code. 
    Students may not bring cell phones, computers, or any data device to Davis School.
    Students will ride the Davis School bus to school each day (excluding the morning of orientation). Parents will choose bus stops at orientation.
    Student cooperation is expected; no one may disrupt the teaching/learning environment.
    Attendance at 90% or above is mandatory. Court referrals may be triggered for truancy issues.
    Students may be assessed for substance abuse.
    Students will participate in character building and counseling classes.


    Breakfast and Lunch

    Students will receive breakfast and lunch at The Lester Davis School.
    Students will not be able to bring their own breakfast or lunch.
    Any money in existing school lunch accounts will be available to the student. All assisted lunch enrollment transfers from your home campus (i.e. free or reduced lunch).
    Weekly meal prices, including breakfast and lunch: Full pay = $24.50 Reduced = $3.50 Free = $0.00


    Medication and Hygiene

    Students may carry their inhalers, diabetic supplies and EpiPens with them, with written parent consent.
    Prescription medication must be brought to the school by the parent in the original prescription container.
    Over the counter medication will be given ONLY with a doctor’s order.
    The school nurse or designee will administer prescription medication required during the school day with written parent consent.
    Feminine hygiene products will be provided as needed.