• General Orientation Information

  • Mandatory Student Orientation/Guardian Involvement

    **Student and guardian are advised to arrive no later than 8:00 AM at 1125 Davis St, Denton TX**

    Students accompanied by parent or guardian may enroll in the DAEP on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 8:20 am.

    No one may be enrolled without attending this hour and a half session.

    • No one will be admitted after the session has begun.
    • Student + 2 people maximum may attend. One attendee must be a guardian (ID check will be conducted to confirm guardianship).
    • **Current Denton ISD COVID Protocols will be maintained**

    Orientation Expectations:

    • Student MUST be in Davis Dress Code (students may not be allowed to stay at school on the 1st day if they are out of dress code).
    • Students will ride the Davis School bus to their assigned bus stop at the end of the school day (bus stops will be assigned during orientation).
    • Students should bring enough money for breakfast and lunch for the week.
    ORIENTAION WILL LAST APPROXIMATELY AM HOUR AND A HALF. Please plan accordingly! Each new student and parent/guardian IS REQUIRED to attend a complete session of orientation.

    DAEP Daily Expectations

    • All students will follow the Davis Dress Code. 
    • Students may not bring cell phones, computers, or any data device to Davis School.
    • Students will ride the Davis School bus to school each day (excluding the morning of orientation). Parents will choose bus stops at orientation. A list of bus stops is also on the Davis webpage.
    • Student cooperation is expected; no one may disrupt the teaching/learning environment.
    • Attendance at 90% or above is mandatory. Court referrals may be triggered for truancy issues.
    • Students may be assessed for substance abuse.
    • Students will participate in character building and counseling classes.

    Breakfast and Lunch

    • Students will receive breakfast and lunch at The Lester Davis School.
    • Students will not be able to bring their own breakfast or lunch.
    • Any money in existing school lunch accounts will be available to the student. All assisted lunch enrollment transfers from your home campus (i.e. free or reduced lunch).
    • Weekly meal prices, including breakfast and lunch: Full pay = $22.75 Reduced = $3.50 Free = $0.00

    Medication and Hygiene

    • Students may carry their inhalers, diabetic supplies and EpiPens with them, with written parent consent.
    • Prescription medication must be brought to the school by the parent in the original prescription container.
    • Over the counter medication will be given ONLY with a doctor’s order.
    • The school nurse or designee will administer prescription medication required during the school day with written parent consent.
    • Feminine hygiene products will be provided as needed.