RCMS Counseling Team

     Recipients of the 2012 & 2014 CREST Award

    Delia Trahan

    Vianet Garza
    Clarissa Cantu
    6-1, 7-1, 8-1
    Lead Counselor
    Academic School Counselor, Team 1
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    Impact Counselor
    Mental Health, Crisis, Student and Family Resources
    6-2, 7-2, 8-2
    Academic School Counselor, Team 2


    To request to speak to a counselor, please fill out the REQUEST TO SEE A COUNSELOR FORM


    Mission Statement: The counseling team at Ronny Crownover Middle School is committed to building resilient problem solvers who have a keen awareness of how they positively impact the world both locally and globally.



    The Crownover counseling team provides social, emotional, and academic support to students, as well as resources and support for our students’ families. The counseling team consists of Lead Counselor Ms. Trahan Professional School Counselor for Team 1, Ms. Cantu, Professional School Counselor for Team 2, and Ms. Garza, Impact Counselor (Licensed Professional Counselor). RCMS students are assigned to teams in order to provide a continuous counselor/student relationship throughout the middle school years. Ms. Garza, the student assistance counselor, may see students from either team to offer individual counseling services, crisis intervention, and psycho-educational groups that teach and empower students with social- emotional skills and strategies. She also offers schoolwide, grade-level classroom guidance about relationships, abuse, bully prevention, substance abuse, mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We are a fun and compassionate team dedicated to providing our students with quality counseling services.


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