• Suicide Prevention


    LINK: DISD Suicide Prevention 

    Warning signs may also include: writing goodbye letters, loss of interest in activities/hobbies, sudden decline in academic performance, a sudden relief and sense of joy in the absence of anything changing in their life, decline in personal hygiene, sleeping/eating pattern changes, chronic stomach aches or headaches.


    Risk factors may also include: Family problems, being expelled from school or getting into serious trouble, victims of assault, LGBT+ students, homelessness.


    Protective factors (i.e. what helps keep an individual safe from suicide) may also include: future goals, an area in which they excel (sports, games, hobbies, etc.), pets, sibling closeness, openness of communication.


    If you, or someone you know, is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to the following organizations:

    • Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas: https://www.sccenter.org/
    • Text Crisis Line: https://www.crisistextline.org/
    • Suicide Crisis Line: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/


    Suicide Awareness