GIRLS may wear

    BOYS may wear

    skirts, jumpers, skorts, pants, capri pants or shorts

    (No jeans, sweats, cargo pants or leggings)

    STYLE:  classic style, straight or pleated

    COLORS:  (solid-color) navy or khaki

    pants or shorts

    (No jeans, sweats or cargo pants)

    STYLE:  classic style, straight or pleated

    COLORS:  (solid-color) navy or khaki

    GIRLS and BOYS

    Shirts for all students must have collars.  Shirts must be worn tucked in for grades 3-5, Pre-K-2 are encouraged to tuck their shirts.

                SHIRT STYLE:           collared button-up or polo style shirts.  Short or long sleeve.

                COLORS:                    solid color

    Sweaters to wear inside the classroom or building:      

    STYLE:                       cardigan, pull-over or vest

    COLORS:                    solid color

    All other coats, jackets, or sweaters may be worn when arriving or leaving the school building only. They may not be worn inside the classroom or school building.

    Belts: Girls and boys in grades 3-5 must wear belts if they have belt loops, Pre-K-2 are encouraged to wear them.

    Footwear: All students are required to wear socks and must have closed toes and heels.  These may be casual or dress shoes.  Tennis shoes are preferred.

    Fridays are School Spirit Days: Students may wear a Borman spirit shirt or a shirt displaying a college name with jeans on Fridays.  Students must wear their school uniforms, if a student wishes not to participate in School Spirit Days.

    Please remember these general rules:

    • Pants must be classic style, straight or pleated.
    • Jeans, cargo pants and overalls are not permitted.
    • No oversized/baggy clothing or jewelry will be permitted.
    • No cut-offs or frayed clothing will be permitted.
    • Uniform parts must be in a solid color.
    • No logos on shirts or sweaters will be permitted.
    • Shorts, skorts, and skirts must be longer than finger tip length. 



    Tardy Policy  Dress Code Policy

    The building opens at 7:15 a.m., and breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:15-7:35 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:40 a.m. Students who are not in class when this bell rings will be counted tardy. Please understand that tardies disrupt class and interrupt your child’s learning.

    Dress code violations include inappropriate attire, wearing shirt untucked, and not wearing a belt.  Parents who have philosophical and/or religious objections to the school uniforms should direct their concerns to Mrs. Sandefur, Principal. 


      1st     =    Verbal warning from teacher.  Teacher will have a brief conference with student.

      2nd     =    Teacher will send home a WRITTEN WARNING to be signed and returned by parent.

      3rd     =    Teacher will send students to the office where a change of clothes will be requested from the parents. 

      4th      =    Conference with parents will be required by administration.

      5th   =   Further infractions will be subject to consequences under the Student Code of Conduct.    


    * Students who enroll during the school year will have a 2-week grace period to purchase uniforms.