About Our School

  • About Borman Elementary

    Borman Elementary was built in 1970 and was recently renovated in 2009. The school is named after Frank Borman, a NASA astronaut and commander of the Apollo 8 spacecraft.

    Borman is known for its commitment to supporting its students and community. The school functions as a dual-language campus to produce bilingual and bi-literate students. On January 20th, 2016, Borman became an authorized International Baccalaureate World School.

    The school’s community involvement has led to regular meetings with parents, in English and Spanish, on everything from the academic success of it students to their physical fitness. Borman has numerous programs in place to help students including: a mentorship plan with Robson Ranch that has led to more than 12,000 volunteer hours, a partnership with Devon Energy that has led to financial support and a company-hosted Field Day and a parent-led group to improve the health and nutrition of families.

    Borman offers a number of events geared toward family involvement and learning about various subjects and cultures.  

    Students at Borman have numerous outlets to express themselves including the school's art club, choir, orchestra and robotics club.

    Established: 1970
    Mascot: Astros
    Colors: Navy Blue, Gold