• The school day is from 8:15-3:35

    Students should not arrive to school before 7:45 am unless they have a sponsored event to attend.

    • All Walkers and Car Riders should enter the building in the morning using the back courtyard entrance (across from the football field)

    Students must be picked up before 3:50 pm unless they have a sponsored event to attend.



    McMath Student Pick-Up Procedures

    Parents, there are two options when picking up your child from campus. The below information corresponds to the map above.  ALWAYS obey direction from staff, stay off your phones, and remain patient.  Please know that the loop around McMath is a one-way loop.

          1. Stop and Go Drive-thru pick up line (in blue) – this is the usual way to pick up your child. Please stay in the right lane as you enter campus.  DO NOT BLOCK the bus lane at any time.  You will always be directed to pull as far forward as possible once in the pick-up area (between the two yellow lines). 

          2. Park to pick up your child (in green) – If you would like to park to pick up your child, stay in the left lane (marked Bus Lane) and back-in park in the spots behind the school (on the same side as the football field). This route is in green on the map.  Your child must walk across the cross walk (highlighted in yellow) then walk to your car.  Staff will be directing traffic flow at the cross walk.  Please know that this lane is a no stop lane.  This lane also acts as the bus lane.  The busses must have clear access all the way around to the far side of the school by the tennis courts.


     *DO NOT park in the areas marked in red.  Students will not be allowed to walk that way.  Students MUST cross at the crosswalk. This prevents any student from darting across traffic to reach their parent on the opposite side.



Last Modified on August 9, 2023