TSI Testing


    TSI (Texas Success Initiative Assessment) 

    This test is a program designed to determine if a student is ready for college. If your child passes the TSI with us in October, they can take their scores to the college they are applying to and use those to get admitted into the school. This test is completely free to your student and will be required for those who have not yet met the standards to be considered college ready through the state.


    Scores you need to be (Exempt from the TSI and be considered College Ready)


    ACT- 23 Composite, a 19 on the Math portion, and a 19 on the Reading portion)

    SAT- 530 Math, 480 Reading

    TSI- 350 Math, 351 Reading, 340 Writing



    If your child has met the score requirements above, they will not take the TSI at Guyer.



    I’ve located some free practice materials for your seniors to look through before the test if they would like to get familiar with the test. Each section is 20 questions, if they do not meet the standards for that section, it will generate more questions for them. It is crucial they become familiar with the test and try their hardest the first time.








     All subjects



    If you have any questions, please contact the testing coordinator at mwells@dentonisd.org