• Testing Dates 2023- 2024 Calendar Year
    December STAAR Re-testing:
    Who is testing in December?
    All students who were absent or have not taken an EOC yet.
    Students who have taken but have not reached the "Approaches" level of an EOC.
    All students who took Dual Credit US History over the summer.
    • English 1 Retest - Tuesday, December 5th
    • Algebra 1, US History & Biology Retests - Wednesday, December 6th
    • English 2 Retest - Thursday, December 7th
    • Algebra 1, US History & Biology Retests (for students taking more than one) - Friday, December 8th
    April STAAR Testing
    Who is testing in April?
    All-Freshman in English 1
    All- Sophomores in English 2
    All Freshman in Biology
    All Juniors in US History
    Any students who were absent or have not met the "Approaches" level of English 1, English 2, Biology, or U.S History EOC.
    • English 1 - Tuesday, April 9th
    • English 2 - Wednesday, April 10th
    • Biology and U.S History- Tuesday, April 16th
    May STAAR Testing
    Who is testing in May?
    All Freshman in Algebra 1
    Any students who were absent or have not met the "Approaches" level of the Algebra EOC.
    • Algebra - Tuesday April 23rd 
    Summer STAAR RE-TESTING 8am (Check in at 7:30am)
    Who will test over the summer?
    Any students who were absent, or have not met the "approaches" level of one or more EOC exams.
    • English 1 - Tuesday, June 17th
    • Algebra 1, Biology & US History - Wednesday, June 18th
    • English 2 - Thursday, June 19th

    All STAAR tests are now online! Please make sure that your student brings their school Chromebook & charger each day for testing!!! If you want to practice using the online test system, instructions are at the bottom of this email on how to access the practice tests on your Chromebook.

    They will need:

    • Denton ISD issued Chromebook FULLY CHARGED and their charger
    • Snacks and water bottle and pencils if they want them during testing
    • If you have headphones as accommodation- you can bring your own!
    • During testing students are not allowed to be in possession of their phones/smart watches.  If students have one with them on the day of testing, they will turn them into the Testing Room Proctor, and it will be returned to them once testing is complete in their room.


    To PRACTICE using the online STAAR test system:

    1. Turn on your Chromebook
    2. LOG OUT of the Chromebook
    3. Click the “Apps” menu at the bottom left of the login screen.
    4. Choose “Secure Test Browser”.
    5. In the big navy box click “Go to the Practice and Training Site”.
    6. Keep “Guest User” and “Guest Session” toggled ON.
    7. Click “Sign In”.
    8. Choose your grade level and then select a practice test.



    If you have not updated your Chromebook in a while please follow the directions below before your testing day!!

    Steps to update Chrome:

    1. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Click on About Chrome.
    4. If you do not see “Chrome is up to date” with a blue checkmark, then you need to update Google Chrome. Click on Chrome OS Settings.
    5. Click on Check for updates. Chrome will begin updating after that.
    6. Restart your Chromebook