• CHAMPS is a Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
    What is CHAMPS?
    • set of decisions the school or teacher must make in order to provide structure for students 
    • A decision-making template
    • process
    • An acronym that is a common language among students and staff  


    Why CHAMPS?

    •  Responsive to teachers and parents
    •  Proactive Measure


    Use an Attention Signal

    • Identify and use consistently, an attention signal that has the following components
      • Visual (paw)
      • Auditory ("Bulldogs Rock") 
      • Portable (can be done anywhere in the building or at school related events) 

    Our Signal

    "Bulldogs Rock"..."Yes we do!!!"
    When the teacher shows the hand signal, the students must do the same at a zero voice level.


    Voice Levels:

    • 0: Silent
    • 1: Whisper
    • 2: Small Group
    • 3: Classroom
    • 4: Outside


    What is "CHAMPing"

    •  C is for Conversation: What voice level are you at, and who are you supposed to be speaking with?
    •  H is for Help: How do you ask for help?
    •  A is for Activity: What are you supposed to be doing?
    •  M is for Movement: Are you rotating through groups, sitting on the carpet, sitting at your desk, etc?
    •  P is for Participation: How does the teacher know you are fully participating?
    •  S is for Success: If you follow the first five, you will be successful!