• Denton ISD Parent and Student Engagement Classes

    Denton ISD believes that a positive parent-child relationship is the core of a healthy and productive family. Our goal is to provide reoccurring classes on child and adolescent development with parental support in hopes that it will strengthen our families during this difficult time. We hope this will set a foundation for families to be strong, resourceful and connected and benefit the community as a whole. 

    Denton ISD Parent and Student Engagement classes are held at Fred Moore High School, located at 815 Cross Timber Street in Denton from 6pm - 7pm.   All classes are free to DISD students and families.  Please see below for more details and information.


    • Thursday, September 9 - Understanding Developmental Stages
    • Thursday, September 16 - Improving Communication
    • Thursday, September 23 - Conflict Resolution
    • Thursday, September 30 - Anxiety and Depression
    • Thursday, October 7 - Elementary Developmental Issues
    • Thursday, October 7 - Secondary Developmental Issues
    • Thursday, October 14 - Love and Logic
    • Thursday, October 14 - Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Adulting 101 (Students only) - TBD  
    How to help your child be successful at RCMS 


    ·         Monitor your child’s grades by accessing HOME ACCESS CENTER (HAC) through the Denton ISD website.  Call 369-4700 for more information.

    ·         Check your child’s agenda each day.  They are required to keep a record of upcoming assignments and assessments.

    ·         Review and sign (google doc) progress reports and report cards. You will recieve an email from our campus principal when grades are available. Progress reports and report cards are viewing through the Home Access Center (HAC).

    ·         Schedule conferences with your child’s teachers as soon as you notice a problem.

    ·         Make sure your child attends tutoring when needed.

    ·         See that your child receives adequate rest and nutrition.  

    ·         Attendance is IMPORTANT - always make sure your student is in attendance unless they are ill or have a family emergency.