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    What is PTA

    PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is the world's largest child advocacy organization. At both the state and national levels, PTA works to improve the lives of children and families, to make sure that children receive the best educational experience and opportunities available and to make the world safer for all our children.

    What is my role as a PTA Member?

    Your role as a PTA member is...
    • determined by you
    • to volunteer as little or as much as your schedule provides
    • to vote on issues that fall within the PTA
    • to be a voice at Hodge Elementary
    • to make a difference in your child's school

    How is my $6.50 PTA membership fee used?

    • $2.00 goes directly back into the programs Hodge PTA provides at our campus: Quarterly newsletter, Fall Festival, Book Fair, Reflections Contest, Science / Math Night, Reading Counts, and Classroom support
    • $2.25 goes to the Texas PTA... This is used for programs initiated at the State level to help students and families. Issues being addressed by TX PTA in the upcoming legislative session:
      • Funding and accountability for Public Schools
      • Healthy Lifestyles (more smoke free work spaces, fight obesity by supporting programs that promote movement and better eating habits).
      • Environmental... Fund clean school bus program
      • Safety... Strengthen bullying statute to incormporate a clear definition of Cyber-bullying.
      • Visit www.txpta.org for additional programs they sponsor. (Click on "Under the Dome")
    • $2.25 goes to the National PTA. Headquartered in Washington D.C., they work to help students and families at the National level.
      • For information on programs sponsored by the National PTA, visit their website at www.pta.org .

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Last Modified on April 16, 2015