• What does the school counselor do?

    School counselors work with all students.  They are specialists in child behavior and social and emotional development.  They provide assistance to students through four primary interventions: counseling (individual and group), classroom guidance, consultation, and coordination. 
    **Counseling is a confidential relationship in which the counselor meets with students individually and/or in small group to help them resolve or cope constructively with their problems and/or developmental concerns.
    **Classroom Guidance is a planned, developmental program of guidance activities designed to foster students' academic, career, and personal/social development. It is provided to all students through the collaborative effort of counselors and teachers.
    **Consultation is a collaborative partnership in which the counselor works with parents, teachers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers, and other agencies in the community in order to plan and implement strategies to help students be successful in the education system.
    **Coordination is a leadership process in which the counselor helps organize, manage and evaluate the school counseling program.
    School Counselors are Student Advocates. They work on behalf of students and their families to insure that all school programs facilitate the education process, students have a safe learning environment, and all students have the opportunity for school success.