Policy & Procedures for Hodge's Library

  • Every student needs a library book!

    • K & 1st - 1 Book (remains at school)Bitmjo Boyd 1
    • 2nd - 1 to 2 Books
    • 3rd, 4th, & 5th - 2 Books  


    If library books go home, students need to bring them to school EVERY DAY, especially on their library day! 

    Books can be renewed, but only if we see them in the library.

    If your library book is not returned, then you may have to wait to receive another book.  

    Can I share the book with my family? Of course!  But when not being read by you, the library book needs to stay in your backpack.  

    Oh no! Something happened to my library book.  Let Mr. B. know!  He is good at repairing books.  Remember, he has SPECIAL TAPE & GLUE, so don't use yours!

    But I don't think the book is fixable.  Bring the book to school anyway.  If it can't be repaired, then Mr. can tell you how much the book costs so it can be replaced.  

    Always take care of your library book; keep it away from all liquids, food, crayons, little brothers and sisters, all pets... anything that might make it a sad book. 

    Remember, someone else wants to read your library book too.  Always bring the book back to the library on time.  K-2 students may keep their books for 1 week while 3-5 graders can have up to 2 weeks.  

    If you are not sure what book you need to read next, ask Mr. B to help, or use our BOOK LOOK UP.  


    Every student needs an ID!

    When a student enrolls at Hodge Elementary, the student will receive a student ID.  If a bus rider, the ID will allow the student to board his or her bus.  A second ID (kept in homeroom) is utilized in the cafeteria for payment of the meal or receiving a reduced cost or a free lunch.  Lost ID badges may result in a $5 replacement fee.