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    PTA Check request:

    ·         Complete Check Request Information Section…Treasurer will process your request within 5 school days.    Information must be filled out completely, our goal is to avoid questions etc.  Failure to do so could delay the processing of your request.

    ·         All requests must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice, no exceptions.

    ·         PETTY CASH- requests need to be made 5 school days before the scheduled event.  Specify amount and bill denominations.  Treasurer will leave cash box with Claudia in the front office.  Please communicate with Claudia to coordinate the pickup of the cash box.   Please have a second party present at the time you receive cash box to verify amount received.  Document your verification on the enclosed check request copy.

    PTA Deposit Form:

    ·         Event Chair person is responsible for itemizing coin/cash and checks for their event.  If more than 10 checks, a tape total may be stapled to the sheet in lieu of written itemization of checks.

    ·         Complete deposit totals box.  Sales tax is 8.25%.

    ·         Secure Deposit in a locked cabinet.   Notify an executive board member that the deposit is ready to be deposited into bank. 

Last Modified on April 16, 2015