butterfly garden 10-13  







    Texas Bluebonnet

    Scientific Name: Lupinus texensis

    Plant Information:  annual, native

    Blooms: blue/fragrant, Mar>May

    Attracts These Butterflies: Little Yellow, Gray Hairstreak, Henry's Elfin + various butterflies




    Prairie Verbena

    Scientific Name: Glandularia bipinnatifida

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: lavender w/sweet fragrance, Mar>Oct

    Attracts These Butterflies: Great Spangled Fritillary, Swallowtail, Sulphur + various butterflies



    Lanceleaf Coreopsis

    Scientific Name: Coreopsis lanceolata

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: yellow, April>June

    Attracts These Butterflies: Buckeye, Viceroy, Eastern Tailed-Blue, Spring Azure, Pearl Crescent, Orange Sulphur, American Copper, Red Admiral 



     butterfly bush

    Buddleia / Butterfly Bush 

    Scientific Name: Buddleia Davidii

    Plant Information:  cultivar of China

    Blooms: blue, summer

    Attracts These Butterflies: various butterflies


     rock rose

    Rockrose / Rose Pavonia 

    Scientific Name: Pavonia lasiopetala

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: pink, late spring>frost

    Attracts These Butterflies: Gulf Fritillary + various butterflies


     mist flower


    Gregg's Blue Mistflower

    Scientific Name: Eupatorium greggii

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: pale blue, spring>frost

    Attracts These Butterflies: Monarch, Queen, Swallowtail, Gulf Fritillary, Sulphurs + various


     purple coneflower

    Purple Coneflower

    Scientific Name: Echinacea purpurea

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: pink, April>May

    Attracts These Butterflies: Painted Lady + various



    Texas Lantana

    Scientific Name: Lantana horrida

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: red-orange-yellow, May>frost

    Attracts These Butterflies: Monarch, Tiger and Black Swallowtail + various


    blackfoot daisy

    Blackfoot Daisy / Plains Blackfoot 

    Scientific Name: Melampodium leucanthum

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: white w/yellow center, spring>frost

    Attracts These Butterflies: Gray Hairstreak + various




    Sundrops / Calylophus

    Scientific Name: Calylophus spp.

    Plant Information:  perennial, native

    Blooms: yellow, spring>fall

    Attracts These Butterflies: Dainty Sulphur, Little Yellow, Hairstreak, Varigated Fritillary + various