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    Coach:         Mr. Joice 369-1781

    Practice:     Email him to add to Canvas for practice materials


    Chess Puzzle will take a 30-minute objective test plus a separate 10-minute tiebreaker section. All Chess Puzzle test questions are now multiple-choice format, to allow for a broader scope of questions and increase the educational value of the contest (and make grading even easier). Scoring is simple. For the main test section, contestants receive one point for each correct answer. There are no deductions for incorrect or unanswered questions. For the tiebreaker section, there is a 1.25 point deduction for each incorrect answer to facilitate breaking ties (still no deductions for unanswered questions). All grade levels will take the same tiebreaker section. Tiebreakers need only be graded for contestants actually involved in a tie.
Last Modified on September 20, 2023