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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is AFJROTC?
    A: AFJROTC ( Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a program that teaches citizenship to its students, or cadets. It teaches both leadership and aerospace science. The program is funded by the Air Force, however, the main goal is to create better citizens for America, not to recruit people into the military.  For those cadets who desire to pursue a military career, there are benefits in taking this class. The program is primarily student run, with a fully functioning "staff" that runs everything from field trips (or Curriculum In Action "CIA" trips) to smaller events for the corps. Students are encouraged to participate in after-school team activities as these groups perform at competitions, known as drill meets, and also perform for local events such as football games.
    Q: Do I have to do anything for my child to join the program?  Can I start at any grade level?
    A: AFJROTC does not have many requirements to join that are not already met by joining the school itself.  For starters, the student must have an active desire to perform and set an example for the rest of the school. AFJROTC cadets are held to a higher standard of maturity.  Students may join AFJROTC starting in any grade level, 9th-12th.  In order for your student to join the corps, contact the student's counselor regarding the class.
    Q: Is there a fee?
    A: AFJROTC does have a $40 activity fee to be paid at the beginning of each school year.  Additionally, there is usually an additional fee if your cadet chooses to attend the CIA field trip and/or military ball.  Finally, each cadet must maintain their uniform through periodic dry cleaning.
    Q: Can I earn a Letter Jacket in AFJROTC?
    A: Yes!  Award of the jacket is based on the individual cadet's performance in the cadet coprs and grades in all classes.  It is usually awarded during the cadet's Sophomore or Junior year in high school.
    Q: What is the uniform?
    A: The uniform is provided by AFJROTC and must be worn once each week. The weekly inspections are graded and will have a large impact on the overall grade your child receives in the program. The uniform must be kept in a clean condition and must be returned at the end of the year or upon request. There is no cost to the parent except dry cleaning the uniform throughout the year or if a piece of the uniform is lost or damaged due to negligence.  Cadets may also be issued the Air Force ABU cammo uniform which may be worn for a grade once per month in place of the blue uniform.
    Q: Do I have to cut my hair or shave?  Can I die my hair?
    A: Male cadets must keep their hair cut within Air Force standards and be cleanly shaved (if necessary) when wearing the AFJROTC uniform.  Female cadets are taught how to properly put their long hair up when wearing the uniform.  Boys and girls are not allowed to dye their hair an "unnatural" color.  If dyed, the hair must be a color a person is born with and it can only be one color.
    Q: What is cadet rank?
    A: Being awarded cadet rank is a way of rewarding cadets based on their performance in the corps and in their other classes.  Cadets who wear the higher ranks usually have a leadership responsibility in the corps. Promotions take place at the end of each grading period.
    Q: What competitive teams are offered?
    A: We have an armed drill team (fake rifles), male and female color guard teams, male and female physical training teams, and orienteering team.  Other teams include Awareness Presentation Team, Cyber Patriot Team, and Flag Detail Team. 
Last Modified on April 20, 2021