Air Force Junior ROTC

    Co-Curricular / LDR Activities


     Varsity Color Guard/ Junior Varsity Color Guard:color guard

    The Color Guard is one of the most visible extracurricular activities within the AFJROTC program. Being part of the Color Guard gives a cadet insight into how to properly present the national colors for selected events throughout the school year. The Color Guard consists of at least five highly motivated cadets that take pride in the presentation of the colors at many events. We have female, male, and CO-ED teams. Each has a separate commander and there is always room for new cadets.  







    Drill Team:

    A drill team is a marching unit of at least 10 cadets who perform military-style drill team maneuvers in competition. In addition to standard drill commands, drill teams also perform exhibition drill in which they may perform intricate marching maneuvers along with spinning and throwing of facsimile rifles.








    Awareness Presentation Team (APT):

    The Awareness Presentation Team (APT) is an academic endeavor designed to provide positive role models for elementary and middle school students. Initially implemented in 1990 to deliver an anti-drug message to younger students, it has expanded to cover topics such as peer pressure, conflict resolution, sexual issues, violence, and alcohol awareness. The team is usually composed of about 10 cadets who are selected by theirapt team instructor. Cadets research a subject, then prepare and deliver a presentation. Units with active programs make presentations to thousands of students annually and team members can qualify to wear the APT Badge on their AFJROTC uniform.






    Orienteering Team:

    Orienteering is a competitive outdoor activity using a map and compass to navigate your way through an outdoor course, and arrive at a finish line. Essentially, it is a race, and there are different levels to the sport. You can progress to becoming a very experienced orienteering after going through the easier courses.  









    Physical Training Team (PT):

    AFJROTC supports physical fitness and we do compete in said events. The usual exercises are sit-ups, push-ups, long-jump and 4x100 relay.



    Model Rocketry Team:

    Cadets who join this team will learn how to launch rockets in certain wind conditions and get the rocket to land at a certain location. They'll also learn basic aerodynamics and physics. Cadets may earn the model rocketry badge.Rocket







    Saber Team: 

    This team performs at most formal ceremonies as well as competes at the various drill meets.  It is a team of nine cadets who use Air Force swords to perform their duties.
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